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10-12 December, 2018
University Auditorium, PJTSAU, Rajendranagar,
Hyderabad 500030, TS, India

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About Hyderabad



PJTSAU, Hyderabad
ESI, New Delhi
PPAI, Hyderabad
ABF, Hyderabad

Chief Patron

Dr. V. Praveen Rao


Dr.S.N.Puri, ESI, Delhi
Dr.K.S.Varaprasad, PPAI, Hyderabad
Dr.S. Raghuvardhan Reddy, ABF, Hyderabad
Dr. H.C. Sharma, Dr.YSPUHF, Solan
Dr. B.V.Patil, UAS, Raichur
Dr. K.R.Kranthi, ICAC, Washington

National Advisory Committee

Dean of Agriculture, PJTSAU
Director of Research, PJTSAU
Director of Extension, PJTSAU
Executive Director, ABF
Director, ICAR-IIRR
Director, ICAR-IIMR
Director, ICAR-IIOR
Officer in Charge, ICAR-NBPGR
Director, ICAR-NBAIR
Director, ICAR- NCIPM
President, TNAF
President, INSAIS
President, EAI
President, SABC

Local Organizing Committee

Dr. TVK Singh, PJTSAU, Chairman
Dr.J.Satyanarayana, PJTSAU, Convener
Dr. J.S.Bentur, ABF, Secretary
Dr. C. Srinivas, PJTSAU, Treasurer


Dr. S.K.Chakrabarty, ICAR-NBPGR
Dr. GururajKatti, ICAR-IIRR
Dr.S.J. Rahman, PJTSAU
Dr. A.J.Peter, TNAF
Dr. P.S.Srinivas, ICAR-IIOR
Dr.G. ShyamPrasad, ICAR-IIMR